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Uzumaki Naruto
Recent Entries 
27th-Sep-2010 03:38 pm(no subject)

Son of a bitch!

I just knew something like this was gonna happen - which is why I kept dragging my feet. So finally after the nagging and shit (and I really appreciated the 'you stink' comment), I got my shit together and went to move in with Sakura like she promised.

Only she was gone; no sign of her. I mean, I know she was unahppy, but...

At least she had the decency to leave a key with the landlord, and he had the decency to actually give it to me instead of pretending that he had no idea what I was talking about and kicking me out. So I have until the end of her lease to come up with enough money to rent a place of my own; even if it's the same place I'm in now.

At least she had the foresight to pay up for the next three months so I actually have time. If I can't find anything, well, then it looks like I'm gonna be spending Christmas this year squating in a park or something.
23rd-Sep-2010 10:56 pm(no subject)
Do you think if I snuck into the native to this world Naruto's appartment I could get away with it? I mean, it's Naruto's and all, and I'm technically *a* Naruto...

*Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally* starting to hate living in the woods; my current den leaks.
11th-Sep-2010 12:12 am(no subject)
Still looking for work and a place to stay.
29th-Aug-2010 12:59 pm(no subject)

Still living out in the woods. Again.

Seriously; this is getting old.
10th-Aug-2010 08:57 pm - GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Not again! Once more I find myself on a new world with nothing but the clothes on my back and whatever the hell I stuck in my pack. I swear. I'm gonna start storing *everything* in my pack. Which I'll *always* keep with me. It might cost me a fortune in sealing scrolls, but damn if I'm gonna loose everything again.

It's almost enough to make a person paranoid.
8th-Apr-2010 07:10 pm(no subject)
Where the fuck is everyone? I feel like I'm living in a fucking ghost town. Yeah it's nice I still have Iruka's place to crash at, but what the hell happened to him and Genma? And how'm I supposed to handle the landlord shit; not like I'm on the lease or anything. (or at least, I don't think I'm on the lease; never signed shit when Iruka offered me his couch).
10th-Feb-2010 10:29 pm(no subject)
So Valentines Day's comming up soon. And normally I wouldn't give two shits about it, but like all 'major' holidays it's being shoved in my face in the name of sales fishing. And what's the message the gift cartels are hitting us the public over the head with? If you're not one half of a romantic couple then you're a pathetic waste of shit and sub human.

Not that I buy into that shit... but it's gonna shoot my weekend clubbing plans down since the clubs are gonna be packed with couples.
10th-Jan-2010 01:23 am(no subject)
Yeah, this is a bit late (and I can't belive I forgot to get you anything for christmas Izumo, so expect a beleated gift or two) but I'd like to thank both Izumo and Iruka for the leather pants. I really appreaciate them, they fit like gloves, and work like charms. Now all I've got to do is figure out a way to make sure I have at least one pair of them with me just in case the whole 'current Konoha gets replaced by a new Konoha and I loose all my shit in the shift' thing happens again.

'course if it does, I'm moving somewhere a bit more stable. Not Oto, cause the prick's there; but somewhere else.
25th-Dec-2009 12:30 am - OOC: Presents

Dicey!Izumo: A rabbit's foot; mostly dried and mounted on some nin-wire in the form of a really weird necklace, and a pair of hastily thrown together feather pillows.

SEBU!Iruka: A somewhat crude goose down quilt; about as simple as one can get.

Bumblebee!Hayate: A rabbit fur hat.

All three of them: promises of a home cooked Christmas dinner with the works (inculding roast goose; from where most of those feathers came from), a fridge full of game, and general cursing from Naruto about how the holidays snuck up on while he cooks. This has not been a well orgainzed year for Naruto.

22nd-Dec-2009 01:07 pm(no subject)
Fuck this shit. I'm going hunting.

I'll be back by Christmas; maybe I'll even have a goose or some duck for the table by then. Hope you three like deer and rabbit though.
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